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Abilities Exist in Everyone

I remember vividly when this picture was taken. I met her in my the Summer Program which was the first one held for Parker Autism Center. She was very quiet but her eyes said so many things. The journey began on learning "What is Her Purpose?". She was in high school and it was wonderful to see her coming out of her shell. We had a wonderful time during the Summer Program. We were able to work on skills but more important the opportunity for independence in the community was an amazing experience. I must say that covid has made in impact on the organization. I realized the need for services and support are so important in the lives of individuals who face difficulty interacting and communicating with their peers/family/friends etc. Parker Autism Center will return with an amazing Summer Program which will provide strategies and tools to empower them in their daily lives. If you are interested in learning more about Parker Autism Center please contact us at Please sign up to receive information about upcoming programs and services.

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